STANDARD CAKES (S- Single layer; D- Double Layer)
Sponge cake Flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, red velvet
  S- PRICES     D- Prices              TOPPINGS/FILLING         S-PRICE          D-PRICE

24cm    Buttercream                 ----                  R220.00                      Fresh Cream                ----                   R250.00
26cm    Buttercream                 ----                  R340.00
                     Fresh Cream                ----                   R380.00

30cm    Buttercream               R200.00           R380.00                     Fresh Cream                R230.00            R410.00
38cm   Buttercream               R220.00            R460.00                      Fresh Cream               R270.00            R520.00

SIZS                             FLAVOURS                                          PRICE
24cm                               BarOne cake                                    R260.00
26cm                             BarOne cake                                      R330.00
22cm               Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting       R180.00
24cm             Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting         R250.00
24 cm                             Black Forrest cake                           R210.00
26cm                              Black Forrest cake                           R250.00
24cm                            Rich red velvet                                   R220.00
26cm                             Rich red velvet                                  R280.00
24cm                               Fruit cake                                        R280.00
26cm                               Fruit cake                                        R360.00

30cm                               Fruit Cake                                       R510.00

Minimum order of 12 applies.
Standard cupcakes: flavours –vanilla, chocolate, red velvet
TOPPINGS                                                  DOZEN-PRICE
Buttercream and edible toppings                   R110.00
Fresh cream with toppings                             R130.00

Please note that the minimum order of 12 cupcakes applies. Our customized cupcakes start from R15.00 per cupcake. You will call us for  a formal quote of the cupcakes you require.

Please note that prices for our customised cakes including wedding cakes are available on quotation, as each cake is different. Our Customized cakes are available in the flavours and sizes indicated above. We use fondant to cover our cakes.
We have three varieties of cookies, so-ginger cookies, cranberry & coconut cookies, and Viennese -chocolate cookies
Our cookies are offered in the following batches:
FLAVOURS                               QUANTITY                              PRICE
So-ginger cookies                         12                                        R 24.00
Cranberry &Coconut cookies        6                                        R 18.00
Cranberry &Coconut cookies       12                                       R 36.00
Viennese cookies                           6                                         R 22.00
Viennese cookies                          12                                        R 44.00